Dress for pregnant bride

Dress for pregnant bride
 Some women marry during pregnancy. Designers have taken into account this fact and developed for such situations specialized versions of wedding dresses. Why, what do you choose?

Sometimes a woman's life at the same time happen at once two happy events - motherhood and marriage. Any woman on her wedding day wants to look beautiful and attractive. When she was pregnant for her, in addition to the beauty of the wedding dress, it is important and its convenience. When choosing a dress should ensure the harmonious combination of both.

Modern fashion design allows a wide variation of dresses for brides, in particular, and pregnant women. If you - a skillful seamstress to sew a wedding dress for yourself and you can own. Working on its production, remember that it should not emphasize the stomach, but rather to make it less noticeable. In the manufacture or choosing a dress should take into account a number of specific requirements to it:

- Dress should have a small allowance in the abdomen;
- Dress should not be too tight, because in this case it may highlight some figure flaws that occur during pregnancy;
- On the dress must be absent belt - he pulls the stomach, which is harmful to the baby, and looks ugly;
- Dress should not be too magnificent - it is visually increase the size of the body;
- The best option for pregnant wedding dress is in the Greek style;
- Pregnant women would be better not look short and long dress.

If you get married in the first stages of pregnancy, you is fine and normal wedding dress, but with a slightly high waist. If your wedding is planned in mid-pregnancy, would be the best Greek long dress with wide veil. Even better, it will look very long veil - almost to the floor.

Before buying dresses must be no hurry to try. Immediately try to measure several models of dresses to find the ideal just for yourself. If you sew it yourself, you may have to try and redo it several times. These efforts will always pay off - at the wedding you will look irresistible.

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