Clothing for all occasions

Clothing for all occasions
 Well, when there are clothes in the wardrobe for all occasions: for a trip to the theater, to work, gardening, walks. If you are going on vacation, taking a suitcase full of clothes you do not want. Come to the aid clothes that can be combined in different ways and use in different situations.

Usually referred to as a universal clothing style casual. Increasingly, designers offer collections that with proper selection and combination may seem appropriate in different situations.

Known phrase that does not lose its relevance is almost half a century: "A girl should be a little black dress." This is just one of the universal things in the locker room. There are no strict criteria for style or material. The main thing that this dress is going for you.

In itself, this dress can look more than modest and inexpressive, but well-accessorized, it will create a stylish evening look. For going to a party fit bright shoes, handbags and brooches, and a string of pearls give radiance at the gala evening. Changing accessories, can be one and the same dress in different use cases.

Another thing that is simply irreplaceable, this jeans. Now there is a large number of models of this type of clothing that jeans can be worn with a jacket in the office, and with the topic for a walk.

Wardrobe basic things - this dress is put, classic trousers and skirt to the knee. In a situation where "absolutely nothing to wear," each of these things combined with blouses or fleece jackets will make a good combination. However, it is important to know what items of clothing better fit to the universal image does not turn into a bad image.

Can not wear slacks along with ballet flats, better try on them with shoes with heels or wedges. On the dress-case should not wear bolero cardigan is better to prefer. Full skirt hopelessly corrupt wide shirt, but waisted shirt with short sleeves or vice versa top accentuate your figure.

The ability to combine seemingly simple things will help you look stylish every day and in every situation.

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