A little bit about the styles of dress. Basics

A little bit about the styles of dress. Basics
 More and more often on the street can meet representatives of different styles, but distinguishes them the general appearance and, of course, form and fashion design. Style of dress says a lot about the man - his habits, tastes, character, activities, preferences and social status.  

You should start, perhaps, with a sporty, because in the wardrobe of every find sneakers and a pair of T-shirts. Modern fashion sympathetic to this style, because our whole life is in motion: The Company maintains an active lifestyle, always somewhere in a hurry. And it is easier to do in a free, light clothing, which has to act and combined with a backpack or a bag over his shoulder. This is a bright representative of the direction of "unisex", suitable for both sexes.

Classic today little is losing ground, but still remains a classic. Clothing of this breed combines tradition and quality. See a man in a suit is always a pleasure. Women stop option on strict black skirts and white blouses, as well as give a special glamor elegant brooch, fine chain, expensive earrings. Classic style called business style. Negotiating with partners, meetings with his superiors, he is perfect, thus you show respect for the person. In many modern offices have introduced a dress code, comprising only this style during working hours.

 Youth chooses strange clothes under the title "casual design." This urban style rather quickly gaining momentum, because it is very comfortable to wear the jacket, causing a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers shod. Many famous designers produce their collections in this particular direction, relevant and popular.

 And is there a specifically male? After all, for example, in various subcultures difficult to distinguish male from a girl? Complicated question. It would seem that men are far from the world of fashion and are all in a row, but the couturier houses leading fashion industry they.

Strong floor focuses on denim and easy things, and their suits, and free sports pants. It all depends on the tastes, financial capacity, age, occupies a position in society. Everyone is looking for something different, and even if sometimes difficult to find the best option, but blaming a strong half of mankind in the lack of interest in fashion trends is not necessary.

 Here are the most popular destinations today's way of dressing. It seems all comfortable and functional. Well, let's see, become a new classic or descendants just laugh at their ancestors.

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