The image in the style of noir

The image in the style of noir
 It is fashionable to hold various corporate parties and club parties in a particular style, where the appearance of parties, music, menus - everything corresponds to a given topic.

You have been invited for the evening and announced that he has to go in the style of noir. Do not be put off by the unfamiliar word. After reading this article, you can easily create an image of noir.

The phenomenon noir comes to us from the American Film 40x-50x's. XX century. The emergence of quite gloomy films was due to the atmosphere that prevails throughout the world. Speaking of gloom meant not black-and-white films, and their plot and style of filming.

The middle of the last century - a war and postwar years. For the United States - this time of rising crime, as the country has not yet finally recovered from the crisis and unemployment of previous years, as we have received the new economic challenges. In such circumstances, the development of film noir is quite understandable.

These films have a detective story, sometimes with elements of thriller and almost always end without modern Hollywood "happy ending." Directed in his works convey prevailing in those years, pessimism, distrust, cynicism, disillusionment. If the screen is a man, he pronounced a hero or anti-hero. If the screen is a woman - she is cold, calculating and sometimes frighteningly cruel.

What you need to do to move the screen image in your life? For a man, the best option would be a classic dress pants, a white shirt with a vest and black shoes. Cloak and retro hat well complement the look.

Woman noir also should look severely stressed and cold. The dress should be simple cut, with no asymmetry and decor. Various accessories should be a minimum. It will be enough low-key cervical ornaments.

Girls in addition to this it is necessary to abandon so popular now large sunglasses. Face and eyes should be open, they hardly play a major role in the image. Therefore, make-up and hairstyle should, firstly, comply with the basic trends 40-50h years .; secondly, not to attract attention, to be classic, simple.

We emphasize once again that people noir - a product of the darkest years, so their faces reflect the rigor, concentration, isolation. All movement and behavior on the one hand - thought out and clearly on the other - more impressively and careless.

To better understand how to create an appropriate image for a retro night in noir style, better still see some old black and white movies. On the Internet you can find many master classes for creating retro hairstyle and makeup. Or you can hire the services of a professional stylist.

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