What to do in the salon of wedding dresses

What to do in the salon of wedding dresses
 The situation in the salons of wedding dresses brides often puts a dead end: hang on hangers shapeless dresses series, but look does not stop for anything. And sellers do not always like it when women customers themselves trying to pull the dress out of the case, especially bright. What to do in the cabin and how to choose the dream dress?

Almost every cabin there are catalogs of wedding dresses. For a start look better these directories, all the more so in the salons are often turn in the dressing room, especially on weekends. In the catalog you will see how this or that dress looks on the model, as a rule, there are the possible dimensions of this dress (some dresses sew only small size, some, on the contrary, pose for larger brides) and price.

Choose the catalog a few dresses that you like, and ask the seller, whichever is available. It often happens that the cabin is not all dress in the catalog. Or they are presented only in one color, and you want a friend. In some salons can agree ordering your dress if it is not at the moment.

Once you take away the dress, the fun begins - fitting. There can not do without an outsider's perspective - a mother, a friend or even the groom, if you are not superstitious. It so happens that the dresses that look good on the models, you do not go. Unfortunately, vendors say about this is not always the case.

Even if a particular dress you really liked it, do not rush to buy it right away, especially if you are just starting to look out for a dress. It is possible that tomorrow you will forget about him and see something better. Therefore it is always worth considering a few days.

It should be borne in mind that the dress of the same firms are sold in different shops. Remember the name of the dress (as a rule, they are called women's names), you can find it on the internet, to see in what shops it is sold, and compare prices.

Typically bridal salons offer services and fitting dresses on the figure, which is very important: All the dresses are made according to standard patterns, and the bride are different. Therefore, ask if there is such a service in the cabin and, if available, leave the dress fit in the cabin, as in a conventional studio for fitting wedding dress simply can not take or take, but do poorly.

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