Vintage: best from the past

Vintage: best from the past
 Modern fashion is cyclical and can be used to create the image of a thing, with a long history. Therefore, those who want to look original, you should pay attention to such direction as vintage. It has its own characteristics that must be considered when forming wardrobe.
 The very name of the style was originally used as the name of the varieties of fine wines with a long exposure, touching only very exclusive, but gradually penetrated into the fashion industry. Especially because one of the translations from French stands for exactly the style of clothing. Dress, adhering to its canons, is not as easy as it may seem.

Vintage things considered, made not later than the 80s of the last century, but not before the 60's. Older period covers the retro trend. Vintage style includes things and accessories that were fashionable in the most of their time. That is clearly a thing should be associated with his epoch, or belong to a particular designer.

Looking at the photo in vintage style, it should be noted that the most important here is the sense of proportion, allowing it to look stylish, but not ridiculous. Every detail is taken into account, the shape of the bags to perfume. You need to know the history of fashion. The most daring risk combine vintage and modern things, but it has been successful in only those who have a good sense of taste.

Original vintage - is what was inherited and managed to keep out of the past. Those who do not have their stocks, goes in search of the unique things at flea markets and in clothing stores, second-hand. Also successfully used vintage style and modern manufacturers that use the styles of a bygone era to create new collections.

This is the direction of fashion has its advantages: there is no doubt of its uniqueness, which does not allow even wear haute couture, there is always the risk of a major event to see the same dress.

But vintage items are not for everyone and should be able to wear it. Therefore, we must be attentive to his reflection in the mirror: if it seems more old-fashioned than the original, it is best to wear something more modern.

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