The truth about trousers with low waist

The truth about trousers with low waist
 Jeans and trousers with a low waist firmly entrenched in cabinets of the fair sex. However, the ladies are not even aware about the dangers of such models.
 Pants with low-slung need the right shoulder, it is best if the accessory is included with this model. Belt here is additional support, as cloth belt ugly bulged when you bend down or sit down. That's when you can not help show that demonstrate in a public place is not desirable.

If you constantly wear tight tight jeans with low waist, the body begins to accumulate excess zhirok above the waist, where it did not restrict. Look closely at your figure if there are any "ears" on the sides and roll on his stomach? These defects may well arise because of the gastronomic excesses and bad heredity, and from wearing trousers stretch with a low-slung.

Not have the time to sit and work in jeans such a model, they overtighten the body and tighten the internal pelvic organs. The body begins to create a layer of defending herself. This process is started, if you wear tight pants long to prevent this, change the model clothes more often.

Choosing jeans, pay attention to the quality of the material. Fabric is closely connected with the skin and can cause rubbing and irritation. If you find redness, wash the pants using air conditioning, and iron them on the inside.

Not all girls are models of trousers with a low-slung. They look good on slender women with a high waist. Charmer with a figure of "pear" also can wear these jeans.

Examples of models, see that they were in your size, do not take too tight pants. You will need shorts and low-slung. There are special strings that must "peek" behind. They are decorated with hand embroidery, sequins, lace. Celebrities wear under jeans with low waist panties, decorated with diamonds.

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