Street Fashion: pants chinos

Street Fashion: pants chinos
 Pants chinos pants are straight and free cut, slightly narrowed down, usually sewn from flax or cotton. Initially they were only male prerogative. Subsequently, this kind of pants migrated to the wardrobe of women and found a second birth, largely due to its simplicity and convenience. They can be considered as an excellent alternative to jeans overexposed.
 Translated from the Spanish «chino» means "Chinese". It is in China to make special cotton cloth for uniforms, in which the Americans at the turn of the 20th century, the Spanish army looted during the war of independence of the Philippines. Subsequently, the US military after the local Hispanic population began to call the word "chinos" not only the fabric but also trousers, from which they were sewn. They are no longer only military clothing and immediately won the hearts of fashionistas.

Really popular these pants have won in the 60s of the last century. Then they have adopted American students and students as a worthy replacement jeans that banning the wearing in educational institutions. In addition, the pants chinos became a favorite clothing bohemia: artists, writers and other intellectuals rebels. It was then that they have acquired the appearance that is familiar to modern dandies: a little exaggerated top, tapered bottom and edges tucked. Now, these pants can be found in the collections of most famous brands. They drew attention to the Hollywood stars, and simple mods.

Sometimes confused with chinos pants in military style. Between them there is still some significant differences. Chinos pants have many pockets and slightly narrowed down, causing more like a style of suit pants. In addition, their color palette is very rich, although initially they were only in khaki colors.

Nowadays, chinos are informal clothes and wear them should be suitable. They should be free to dangle and slightly in FIG. They look very original with curled edges. Here are just tuck these pants need according to certain rules. Firstly, do it deliberately careless. Second, do not overdo it with cuffs. Will be enough to roll up pants two or three times. The best option - they must end with two inches above the ankle. If the width is greater than the length of the cuffs of pants, you risk looking pretty ridiculous. However, these pants can not tuck that is wearing them in full length.

Chinos are ideal for summer clothing. They do not hold down movement and not hot at all in them. They can be combined with almost any top: T-shirts, jackets, tops, shirts, blouses, tunics and even. If we talk about shoes, then to chinos are ideal and sneakers, and boots, and sandals with heels and sandals gladiator style. These pants are truly universal and at the same time, they can already be attributed to the classics. They are ideal for a promenade in the park, and for more formal events.

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