Pants: an excellent option for winter

Pants: an excellent option for winter
 Cold weather is coming with its blizzards and snowstorms, so dress should not only stylish, but also warm. Fortunately, the leading fashion house took care of that nuance, giving a great choice of relevant and practical things.
 If summer favorites were air dresses and skirts, but now on the podium reign pants that are much better suited to the harsh Russian climate. Choosing a model for the winter, be sure to observe the fashion trends.

Overestimated waist - it is one of the hottest trends of the season. It will allow your feet to visually look long and slender. In his latest collection of brand Etro presented creative model trousers with high waistline, made of beautiful orange-brown fabric in blue cell.

Quite popular pants-pipes in all its variations. The main requirement for women who want to wear them, is the presence of slender legs and perfectly proportioned figure. If you belong to those, feel free to purchase, for example, dark-gray narrow trousers by Emilio Pucci, decorated with classic black belt with a buckle. Designers are advised to wear them with shoes or sandals in black or brown.

Returned already rather forgotten women of fashion flare. And equally popular variants as "the tribe" and "from the hip". Be sure to pay attention to the luxury model pants lilac shade of Blumarine with flare from the mid-thigh. It looks gorgeous with a turtleneck and a bag of similar tones.

As for the actual colors, this winter promises to be very colorful. Sky blue, royal blue, berry-pink, cocoa, aquamarine, sapphire, emerald, classic black and white - this is not a complete list of the dominant colors. A lover of bright and brash style will appeal pants from the fashion house Balmain: stylish golden hue will stand out from the gray crowd, in addition, it perfectly combines with clothes contrasting tones. Very elegant look leggings aquamarine from Emilio Pucci, they embody all the elegance inherent in this brand.

When choosing pants for the upcoming winter season, remember that is also very important to choose wisely accessories: bags, shoes and belts. Thanks to them your image will be unique, harmonious and complete.

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