New Year 2012: Ideas to create an image

New Year 2012: Ideas to create an image
 Autumn in the yard, and then the New Year holidays just around the corner. If you are used to approach everything thoroughly, you should think about what to meet the coming year. According to the Oriental calendar 2012 - the year of the Black Water Dragon, so your festive attire and accessories must be in harmony with the character of the year.
 Almost all the leading designers recommend to choose for the New Year dress. It may well be black, even though the owner of the Year - Dragon - will have to taste and bright colors: green, blue, brown, yellow. In any case, you will not regret it if you selected along to add at least one black member, for example, is very appropriate to be elegant leather belt.

The dress in which you appear on the New Year's party, must necessarily be natural. Welcome light silk, chiffon and satin dresses. Choose a dress made of shiny and flowing fabric, because this is the year your image should be particularly airy, romantic and a little fairy, as if you have just reached the shore of the sea waves.

Dragon indifferent to everything brilliant, so your clothes should be decorated with sequins, beads and sequins - all that will visually resemble scales patron 2012.

Clothes for the New 2012 must be not only bright, but also sexual, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. Dragon will not tolerate Balakhonov or things in sports style - that night you just have to look elegant.
Style and length dresses for New Year's Eve can be anything. For example, romantic ladies designers recommend to pay attention to the form-fitting knee-length dresses. The more daring girls can choose fashionable today silhouette "mermaid" or elongated dress with flared bottom case. Wide sleeves, trains and capes - is also very current and stylish complement of Christmas outfits.

Dragon attentive to detail, so think carefully about accessories that you complete your image. This night is encouraged gold, platinum, as well as rings, bracelets and pendants with gemstones. To appease the host of the year, select the most flashy and expensive jewelry from her collection. If you have valuables with a dragon or a close relative - the snake safely wear them on New Year's party - they will become a real "highlight" of your attire. But cheap jewelry should be avoided. Dragon - a noble animal, so plastic beads rings are unlikely to please him.

Do not forget the stylish footwear. Any evening outfit needs a beautiful high heels, and New Year's Eve is especially important. Your choice on shoes or sandals reptile skin with pronounced scales. Also suitable lacquered shiny shoes. Its color can be as classic black and glittering silver or gold.

To complete the perfect image you have to do the original packing, bright makeup and manicure catchy golden-black tones. Do not be afraid in this New Year's Eve look unusual and avant-garde - Black Dragon allows you to shine and stand out of the crowd and, if you please patron of 2012, the coming year is sure to bring you good luck and happiness.

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