Jeans: in the feast, and in the world

Jeans: in the feast, and in the world
 Jeans are a favorite clothing most people. Even the fans of strict classic fashion there in the locker room at least one pair of jeans. And most importantly - jeans are almost always relevant, and are on the crest of fashion. If you choose the right these miracle - pants, they easily fit into any situation and decorate their owner.
 In 1853, Levi Strauss invented jeans in his workshop making pants for miners and prospectors, which in California during the gold rush was set. "Coverall without top" as they were called jeans, was sewn from hemp canvas of French or Italian production. Over time, hemp was replaced by cotton. And in 1960, when it started to boom denim, hemp fabrics are completely excluded from production. May 20, 1873 with the invention of Jacob Davis, a way to strengthen the pockets of copper rivets, and the first batch of studded jeans «Levi's», the appearance of which we are so familiar.

When choosing jeans is important to choose the right size, style, finish and color. Even if you know your size, without trying not do, because depending on the brand dimensions may vary slightly.

Classic jeans color varies from dark - blue to light - blue tones. There are models, and red and green colors, but this is the exception rather a tribute to seasonal fashion. Jeans are popular enough with the presence of different kinds of chafing. When choosing colors and finishes need to focus on the location where you are going to go in these jeans. To march to the office or to an important meeting to select a more rigorous model without dark scuffs, and leisure and everyday wear - anything that your heart desires.

It is important to find a style of pants that hide flaws and "make of Cinderella princess." Basic models of jeans - a straight, flared, wide, tapering, narrow bridges, stretch jeans and jeans with low waist. Straight jeans - a classic, they are suitable for almost everyone. Skinny jeans and jeans - stretch fit for women with a good figure. This model is at least visually and lengthens the leg, but exposes all figure flaws. Wide jeans perfectly hide the completeness and disadvantages feet. Breeches - summer version of jeans, they are not recommended to wear women of small stature, as they visually shorten the leg, but if you choose to wear them, do not forget about heels.

Select your lucky jeans - no easy task. But perseverance and fitting different styles and colors to help you determine the most advantageous option. Remember your size and model, so you simplify yourself further searches, because jeans will never go out of fashion!

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