It is the devil

It is the devil
 Strong, powerful, uncompromising - such see her images of women leaders not only subordinates, but she was. And few people know how much effort it cost to reach the top and, most importantly, to keep them.

Start with the fact that the image of the polished it since childhood. When many of the other girls were playing with dolls or running after the boys, she systematically watching everything going on and made known to her alone conclusions. How to manipulate people so that they do not interfere, but were merely obedient executors of her will? This question burned out her heart day and night. And one of it remained barely flickering embers ...

Why is it needed? Lady Perfection should have not only the perfect facial features and shapes - for this she watched very carefully - and an impeccable reputation. And what could be an impeccable reputation, if the heart can at any moment to betray their owner?

And so the years passed. Procession swept past her car, people of the city. If education - in the capital, if the clothes - that the most stylish home - in a taxi, even if breakfast is not everything. Drive the car itself - what a whim? She deserves to be worshiped her, and let perish those who dare to object to it.

But for the time being she did not show his talent cool observer of human vices. Who said what in the hell is hot? Hell - a haven indifferent and not looking. She no longer had anything to look. She could only wait. And the miracle - or diabolical hoax - finally happened: her first prestigious job. Who said that to go over the heads - it hurt? Painful for those who have a heart. Her heart was silent for a long time.

And met on her way one person. Beautiful and strange. She, in spite of her sharp mind, could not see through it. She had no choice but to say never understood her sacred vows to understand the nature of such a mysterious creature. Its status as a married lady and her mother, she successfully used - and went up a few more steps on the career ladder. Was just one more effort, the most important (and perhaps the worst thing?), And to overcome this rise.

And here she is fully found his diabolical gift of reincarnation. Chef was old and tearful. It - Lady Perfection. She should incredible efforts to deal with it. But her reputation was still flawless. Chef was old, peeled and suffered from heart disease. And his heart once throbbed with pain, and remained in that position forever ...

Now she administers human destiny, proud and overbearing, and even the devil must write to her at the reception ...

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