I choose mini: women's secrets

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 Many women enjoy wearing mini - it allows you to show beautiful legs and make the image more sexy. However, the distinction between emancipation and vulgarity is very thin. How and what should wear mini to look stylish and beautiful?

Mini skirt - this is a very interesting thing in a woman's wardrobe. Putting it with a certain thing, you can create an image as akkuratistki and demure and daring sexual lioness.

In order not to look too casually, with a mini-skirt can be worn tight tights, and to choose the top or jacket jacket. Lightweight scarf completes the picture, and as such can occur even in the office.

Miniskirt perfectly combined with sweater or jumper large knitting. Complement the ensemble can be wearing boots or shoes (boots) with gaiters.

To look sexy in a mini, but not cheap, it is necessary to choose a skirt, tailored just, and complement the classic pumps with high heels. Perfect feminine blouse or knit blouse in tight. It is not necessary to hang on a lot of jewelry and overdo it with accessories.

Make a strict mini skirt can be less conservative, wearing a silk or satin blouse with ruffles. This outfit is perfect for a romantic encounter - it looks modest girl, but at the same time incredibly sexy.

A lover of sports style can wear jeans or knit mini skirt with sneakers, sneakers or loafers.

It is important to take into account when choosing a particular shape mini skirts. For example, skirts with ruffles are very beautiful and look festive, but can visually complete. Because girls have a wide or full hips, do not wear such models.

If you want to make the legs longer need to buy a mini-skirt trapezoidal shape having an inflated waistline. Asymmetrical mini look good on the owners of long slender legs, but can emphasize the smallest figure flaws.

If the hips are too narrow or thin, give volume to help pleated miniskirts. But women, full-bodied, such cuts are contraindicated.

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