How to wash wool sweater

How to wash wool sweater
 Wool sweater can be found in the wardrobe of many of the fair sex. It's warm, practical and convenient. It is clear that for business style, he is not quite appropriate, but for everyday wear, picnic with friends, exploring the city, shopping, sweater is fine. But over time, it may lose its original appearance. To avoid this, you must follow certain rules when washing.
 Improper wash a negative impact on your favorite sweater. Wool fibers can become stiff, brittle, lose strength, shine. In addition, a sweater may shrink or even change color. That's why things are made of natural wool is better not to wash yourself, and give to the dry cleaners. But if you do not have such an opportunity, take into service the following tips.

Always unscrew the sweater inside out before washing. Never soak it, no matter how dirty it was. Available stains may be removed by other means. Stains are cleaned well and dry brush. It is not necessary to resort to the help trendy spot removers. Only pre-mud should thoroughly dry. Remove all traces of lipstick can help alcohol. Grease with good wool removes dishwashing detergent. Dampen the stain with a sponge soaked in this facility, and gently rub. After stain removal can begin to close the wash.

Shrinkage of wool products is high water temperature. That is why wash a sweater in lukewarm water. You can do it in the washing machine, using the appropriate mode. However it is better to wash such a delicate thing manually.

Excluding powders, which include supplements and whiteners. Ideal - use liquid detergents specifically designed for wool. Hand-washing never pour directly on the product. Pre whisk it into the foam and then immerse it in a sweater.

Should be washed quickly: if you leave the wool product in water for a long time - it lose its shape. After this sweater must be carefully overcome, but do not remove! Otherwise it will shrink. Wash and rinse water should be the same temperature. Wool fibers at sharp change of temperature regime will lose its elasticity. Wool equally contraindicated as very hot water, and very cold. During rinsing, you can use fabric softener. Wash sweater never hang to dry on a rope. Carefully lay it on a special dryer or on a table, having spread pre-towel. Never dry wool product under the sun.

If the sweater is still a little "hooked" after washing, it can easily be corrected during ironing. Spray with water and then iron it through a wet cloth, extending to the desired size. In this sweater should dosushit, otherwise it will shrink again.

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