How to wash a wool thing

How to wash a wool thing
 In the laundry there are no trifles, so be sure to pay attention to all the labels and symbols. Improper washing can easily convert your favorite thing in absolutely unfit for wear. Wool is very demanding on the washing course, because there is a danger that they will sit down and covered with spools.
 Wool nice, cozy and they look great, they have little soiled, of which quickly disappears odors. But they are capricious in care and do not like to frequent washings.


Remove the product inside out. If this jacket buttoned, the loop need to cover up, so they are not stretched. Then place it in a basin of warm water (30 ° C), in which pre-dissolved detergent. Powder for woolen clothes should not contain dietary supplements. Laundry products angora or mohair can use an ordinary shampoo, most importantly, they then rinse well.

Washing is better not to delay, need a quick wash. Do not rub and do not remove the product, but simply iterate over it in his hands and gently squeeze. Water should be necessarily warm - as in the wash and rinse. Wool not like no hot water, no cold or sudden changes in temperature, because of which they can matted.

Rinse products need plenty of water, at the last change of water in it, you can add vinegar. After rinsing gently squeeze things, in any case, do not remove. Dry on a flat surface, placing a towel. Do not dry near a radiator or in the sun.

If things are wool grease stain, wash it in the infusion of dry mustard. This is a wonderful tool, as wool sheds less and sits down. 1 cup dry mustard dissolve a small amount of water to liquid slurry, strain through cheesecloth, add warm water and leave for 2-3 hours. When washing, you can not add any synthetic detergents. In the rinsing water, add ammonia (1 teaspoon of ammonia per 10 liters of water).

Machine wash

Hand wash is definitely better machine. But now for woollens and delicate items, there are special modes. It is recommended to install bezotzhimny mode or at low speeds, but you can use a special bag that the product is not stretched. However, we must remember that gentle product may suffer from even the most delicate machine washable.

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