How to tie spokes dress

How to tie spokes dress
 If in Soviet times, women addicted to knitting mainly due to the lack of suitable store things, but now the main needlework enthusiasts - it's just people who like to create their own, unique style. You, too, if you want you can add to your wardrobe, for example, the fees associated manually.  
 The advantage of things related or sew their own, primarily in the fact that you can define all the parameters of the model: style, color, size. Often, the factory made clothing items can not meet the demands of the human longing for creativity. Therefore, you can create your own, unique model clothes.

To begin, select the style and fashion of the future dress. It can be different: a dress with sleeves, halter, tight-fitting, with a flared skirt, long, short, and so on. For things related to the spokes, fit a variety of styles. In accordance with the model pattern pick. There are plenty of them in magazines on knitting, and the online resources.

Then purchase the necessary materials. First of all, buy yarn. Amount is usually calculated approximately by the pattern. If you are going to knit fabric with patterns, get a thread of different colors.

When buying wool yarn note the stiffness of the material. Rub a tangle on the inside of your wrist - wool should not seem too scratchy. This is important as the dress you are likely going to wear next to the skin.

Also, do not forget to buy needles, suitable in size for the selected density of yarn and knitting.

When the knitting note that it is uniform. Observe loops about the same size throughout the the web. When knitting multicolor stuff, use a separate ball of each color element. Do not let the "tug" extra yarn through the underside of the web - it can deform the dress.

During stitching details of the dress pre-soak them iron and iron through the cloth. Can sew them on the sewing machine, or manually. The latter option is preferable, since it can provide a smooth seam.

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