How to order clothes from Germany

How to order clothes from Germany
 We all know the established time the expression "German quality". Today, the Germans are still one of the most stylish nations. Therefore, the desire for German clothing felt worldwide.
 Progress does not stand still for anyone no longer a novelty so affordable connection with the countries and continents. Exchange of experiences, traditions of the past. Today the whole world is exchanged goods! Buying clothes for the modern inhabitants of the area with access to the Internet in a nearby store, or on the other side of the world - the difference is small. The Germans have confirmed their commitment to the traditions of centuries, the quality of them - in the first place. That is why custom-made clothes from Germany so popular.

There are several ways to order clothes from other countries. First of all, this online shopping. German great many sites, many of which have been Russified. This is the easiest and most affordable way for the uneducated. Web site addresses are available in all the search engines, choose any one you like.

In just a few minutes of searching are given the most popular sites, such as,, and others. The first of the list - shop of women's and men's clothing, shoes and accessories. Great choice, easy navigation, the price is slightly above average. The second store for some time worked only in the territory of Ekaterinburg, now have the opportunity to order clothing and other Russian cities. Shop offers a choice of four manufacturers of clothing, German and Russian. Third on the list distributes clothing store from many European countries, including Germany. The choice of a good, the price is affordable and adequate.

The most famous Russian internet-shop German clothing Clothing from this manufacturer has long established itself in the Russian market, spreads via catalogs and online store. Plus is organized system of working with buyers and a huge range of models suitable for our climate.

Rules of conduct on the websites of online stores about the same. Once logged in, please register. Usually, it's free, requires only email address, username and password. Confirm with the mail registration and start searching for the right things on the site. In all shops the option of "Basket". Find the right thing, go to it by clicking the left mouse button. Choose your size (consulting the table size, European size is different from the Russian by 6 points), color and quantity of things. Then click "add to cart". Thus do with all the things that you want to order.

After you complete your virtual shopping, go to your shopping cart. There again, review your things if you do not want to change, then click "Next" and you will be redirected to the page fill the shipping address. After filling in all the Count carefully check the name, address and the index in order to avoid misunderstandings. Again click "Next". Your mail a letter confirmation of your order.

Payment for goods produced in two ways - card on the Internet, and upon receipt of goods at the post office. European companies mostly work with 100% prepayment. In the right column, enter the card number and other necessary data (sometimes requires an electronic signature).

Another way to order goods from Germany - search stock sites, on which the inhabitants of the world exchange goods. The Germans, like all Europeans love to get rid of old things, getting from this profit. Therefore, these sites - not uncommon, but they are all either English-speaking or, in our case, in German. For example, the website This site is running more than one year, it is possible to find new things. Prices range from low to high. You can buy a sweater from some German students for 99 cents, but you can find and proprietary thing for hundreds of dollars.

Use trusted sites, especially in case of prepayment. Read reviews on the Internet.

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