How to dress to the office

How to dress to the office
 Many women want to look good not only at a party or at the reception, but also at work. However, in some companies, there is a certain dress code, which is sure to follow.
 Of course, office style should be restrained. If you are going to work, remember that you do not go there in order to make an impression on all his new clothes, and in order to accurately carry out their duties.

At the same time a neat, elegant and eye-catching outfit can cause clients sympathy and arrange them to communicate with you. The main thing is to define a clear line beyond which should not leave the choice of clothes for the office.

In some companies, to the appearance of employees do not impose stringent requirements. Here is rare to find women in classic business suits. Of course, jackets and skirts or pants strict never go out of style, so give them up completely not worth it. You can combine them with bright blouse or jacket to replace the usual impressive cardigan.

Quite popular combination becomes a light sweater and trousers. This outfit does not look defiant and does not attract undue attention. Remember that clothing should not be too swift your figure. Prefer loose-fitting clothes. Instead of trousers can be worn a skirt, but remember that its length should be fairly low-key: no more than 2, 5 cm above the knee.

Pay attention to the dress. Here, too, do not forget about the length. The cut should be vertical and free enough to make you wonder about how to sit back.

Choice of color is just as important than the selection of the objects themselves wardrobe. For example, from too bright and cause shades should be abandoned. Replace the black color to a dark blue and often use white, turquoise and purple colors combined with the clothes of dark tones.

Do not forget about the accessories. They should not be too bulky. Small earrings, bracelet modest, narrow belt perfectly complement your image and allow to look stylish even at work.

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