How to decorate clothing with embroidery

How to decorate clothing with embroidery
 The tradition of decorating clothes with embroidery has for many centuries. In the past, sophistication and wealth embroidery testified not only about the art of embroidery, but also for the welfare of the person who wore a blouse, coat or skirt. Embroidered things relevant in the modern wardrobe. In addition, there is often a need to disguise a defect, such as a hole on your favorite jeans.  
 Decorate clothes embroidered in several ways. The most popular two. You can embroider directly onto clothing, but you can do embroidery separately and then sew it, about the same as in military uniforms sewn chevrons. The first method is useful when embroidery is located at a position where it is convenient to sew. This could be, for example, her skirt or cape for medieval costume. It is thus possible to decorate and blouses or any part of the product that has already carved out, but it is not sewn. To decorate the sleeves of the finished product is preferable to the latter, as well as for any part of the product of the dense fabric.

Her dress or coat the edges can be decorated with decorative seams. Appropriate in this case as a plant or a geometric pattern made embroidery or cross. To move the surface of the elements of the pattern on the fabric. This can be done, for example, sputtering. Cut a strip of graph paper, the length and width equal to the size of embroidery. Apply a pattern. Make needle punctures on all circuits. Pin stripes at the hem so that it lies flat. Chalk or grated graphite using conventional squirrel or Kolinsky brush, apply powder on the paper. Removing the graph paper, you get the contour of the pattern. In this case it is convenient large hoop.

To draw a cross pattern is not necessary. For this type of embroidery is best to use the canvas. Nasheyte her band at the hem of the same width. Make sure that the direction of the threads of the canvas coincides with the warp and weft fabric. Make a chart. If the skirt is wide, the bottom line can be divided into several parts and each circuit to perform. Make sure that the elements of the pattern smoothly into one another at the joints. Clubs - Counting embroidery, it can be performed by separate fragments.

Directly on the fabric to embroider pattern and if the product is not yet sewn. Baste it, try and check points that have to be aligned in the finished product. Pull baster. Arrange the embroidery. If the product is thin, it can be decorated with light embroidery, cross-stitch, various decorative seams. Embroider all the elements otgladte details again and baste sostrochite.

If necessary, embroidery decorate a ready-made product, do the elements separately. More convenient to carry out the individual elements on one large piece of cloth. Place them so that they can then be cut, not forgetting the allowance at the hem. Cross stitching or embroidery so that the embroidery was covered the entire surface of the fragment.

Cut out the elements of embroidery. Fold allowances on the wrong side and zautyuzhte. Sew the pieces in the right places of the product. You can do this as a hidden seam and decorative. Thus it is possible not only to decorate the blouse in the folk style, but also up the hole on jeans.

If you want to decorate embroidered overcoat, you do not need the hoop. Threads in this case it is better to take thicker, like "iris", "snowflakes", or anything else in the same way. Very good look at such products decorative stitches, such as different versions of "goat." You can use and ornament, but do not overdo fine detail or subtle color transitions. At very thick tissues, they look not always good.

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