How to choose your style of dress

How to choose your style of dress
 Find your style of dress - great work. After all, the style - it is a set of factors that are in close contact with each other. This line of clothing elements to each other and to your character, time of year and the event where you are going to go.
 What is a style? One of the simplest definitions - is the ability to find the perfect dress, which fully complies with not only your appearance, but also the internal state. So how do you find the best style that suits you perfectly? Make a total of 6 steps and you'll get a stylish variant of clothes for myself.

The first step. You need to analyze their own idea of ​​how you want to look. And in any case you do not want to look. The choice is great - rigor, elegance, eccentricity, elegance ...

The second step. The color range of clothing must comply tsvetotipu appearance. Be sure to define it. This will help you to choose the best color combinations in clothing to match your personality.

The third step. Figure. It is necessary to analyze all of the positive and negative aspects of their appearance, pay close attention to the hips, waist and shoulders. It is necessary to analyze all possible options for the visual correction. This will not only help determine the style, but also learn how to choose the right clothes and cut her invoice.

The fourth step. Clothing style is entirely dependent on your lifestyle, the people around you. Analyze the style of your colleagues and friends, look at the clothes worn in clubs where you normally relax - it's a great hint in which direction you should move.

The fifth step. Fashion. It is important to follow the fashion trends, by all means take them into account in their wardrobe. Often read popular magazines. This does not mean that you should blindly follow all fashion novelties. You need to supplement your style of fashion trends.

The sixth and final step. Now it's time to analyze the already described clothing styles and try to find their own, unique and inimitable.

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