How to choose the perfect evening dress

How to choose the perfect evening dress
 Evening dress purchased for special occasions, so his choice must be approached responsibly. For some events outfit requires a well-defined color and style, for example, for bridesmaids costumes are selected in the same style. You need to know in advance all the details to take into account when choosing their dresses.
 Think about what kind of dress you want. Whether it is designed for a specific party or purchased for all celebrations and festive occasions.

It is desirable that the fabric was expensive and beautiful, suitable click, velvet. Pay attention to the color and style of dress. Bright colors do not mix with an interesting model, the color will attract attention, distracting from the style. The combination of relaxing colors with a modest model will make the dress boring.

Ornate dress, the presence of drapes, capes, colors and more difficult to reconcile with the accessories, they will drown each other. Do not forget items such as gloves, scarf, bag and shoes, they perfectly complement the dress, if you correctly pick up these items. Bright and luxurious jewelry pieces fitting together with a modest attire, otherwise pick up a simple decoration.

Think of an image in which you want to appear in the evening. Based on this picture and try to trim dress. For a romantic style suit pastel shades and elegant decorative elements, thin straps. Bright and original image includes saturated colors, unusual pattern and ethnic elements.

If you want to be the center of attention, pick a dress with a plunging neckline, made of shiny fabric. To create a mysterious way suitable outfit in the Empire style: with a high waist and flowing material, it is desirable that it did not have straps. Under the breast can be a beautiful ribbon or bow.

Try to combine the simplicity of the original cut. Pay attention to the flowing fabrics and unusual lacing. The cutouts on the sides and asymmetry will also make an original dress. Do not forget about the corset and full skirt, these items will make a solemn outfit. Your dress should match the dress code, even the most beautiful is not always able to approach the case.

You must be comfortable in a dress, or a holiday can turn to you in sheer torture. Surrounding may also notice your discomfort that will only worsen the situation. Therefore, choose a dress size, too close to constrain movement, and freedom will be formless.

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