How to choose a wedding dress with a full figure women

How to choose a wedding dress with a full figure women
 Choosing a wedding dress brings a lot of trouble to future brides. This is especially true owners of magnificent forms, who believe that skinny in choosing much easier. At the same time, slender bride believe the opposite.


Obese women hide unwanted folds help corset. However, it should be noted that the corset wedding dress is more for decorative purposes, not for holding "heavy." Want to hide the extra folds, strongly tightening the corset, simply run the risk of breaking it.
Win-win option in this case would be the purchase of slimming underwear under her dress. Or corset with shoulder straps should be. In this case, it will be possible to put the right bra that will hold the breasts, "helping" the corset.

Style dresses

There are no ugly figure. Sometimes incorrectly chosen style of dress. Owners are very lush forms of dress styles or trapezoidal A-silhouette.
Trapezoidal styles have different variations. A silhouette is shaped like the letter "A". Dress this style is gradually expanding towards the bottom, emphasizing the advantageous chest and "hiding" tummy.

No matter how beautiful were not lace and crawfish, is to give them. Such things only add volume.
The most "delicious" place in obese women - it is their gorgeous breasts. Wedding dress with a plunging neckline and straight skirt to the floor will look great.
Hands full hide accessories such as a stole, cape or bolero. With respect to the decorations on the neck, it will be larger than they are, the better. Ie better to choose a large beads than thin chain with a small pendant.

The color of dress

Argued that the traditional white wedding dress enhances the full. However, if a style is chosen correctly, the color does not matter. And the white color has range of shades. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a wedding dress in natural light.
For full bride suit dresses matte shade. Glossy reflect light, visually adding extra inches.

Note shoes. They must be on a small heel. Many women prefer the forms of shoes or a solid base of a hill. And in vain, because the heel slim figure.

And most importantly, keep your posture, straighten shoulders, more confidence in the irresistibility. This is your day. And it will be awesome!

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