How to choose a wedding dress to hide figure flaws

How to choose a wedding dress to hide figure flaws
 Once the application is made to the registrar, any newly made bride primarily dreams of a chic dress. None bridal salon, shop and catalog will be left without your attention - all considered the most luxurious and most fashionable. Just do not forget that not every girl is the owner of an ideal figure, and therefore one of the most important criteria when choosing a wedding dress is figure flaws, which, of course, you want to hide.  
 To find the perfect wedding dress, you need to approach their figure is quite self-critical. Do not ascribe to themselves the desired advantages, pay attention to the existing shortcomings. Decided? Then - go ahead, searching for your wedding dress.

If you are the owner of a small chest, slightly increase its help dress made in the Greek style - high-waisted skirt and falling. The same style is suitable low brides - it visually lengthens growth. As a supplement can choose long gloves and stilettos. But the magnificent ball gown you will not - you just lost it. But this option will sit perfectly on the girls high and medium height with proportional forms.

However, Ball Gown nice and stout hide or, conversely, too narrow hips, and will focus on the delicate hands and beautiful shoulders. If you want to emphasize your waist, then too should opt for a magnificent dress. But brides who can not boast of having the waist, are most suitable dress in the style of "Empire".

Girls with broad shoulders should divert attention from them. To do this, you have chosen the dress should be a small cutout on the bodice and skirt indirect - it is best if this is the style of "Princess" (or "A-Line") to the bottom of the drop-down, slightly tapered.

Full brides should abandon the abundance of frills and lace. If you have a large chest and hips, safely choose nepyshnoe dress with low waist and neck (better if the skirt at the same time will be "A-Line").

Of course, the best owners of the ideal figure - they fit absolutely all existing styles of wedding dresses. That's just unlikely they want to hide their shape under the lush flowing skirts or dresses. Apparently, these designers have come up with brides straight fitting dresses and so-called style "Mermaid" - with a skirt, flared from the knees.

Going for a wedding dress, bring a friend. And coming to the store, listen well to the advice of the seller - still two votes "for" or "against" it's better than one. But most importantly, remember that you are a bride, and you can decide whether you like it or not dress.

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