How to choose a men's suit

How to choose a men's suit
 Costume - a great opportunity to express yourself as a business person. If the women's costume fashion possible different combinations, the man should always be elegant and stylish. The image of a business person is easy to destroy, incorrect even an accessory to the suit, not to mention himself. Therefore, to be able to choose should suit every stylish solid man.

Color suit carries important information about his carrier, so it is best to have in the wardrobe of costumes several shades. So, suits gray colors are perfect for everyday use, but black is better to wear on special holidays and celebrations. Blue suit versatile, so it can be worn both in the office and in the restaurant. Costumes should choose other colors in accordance with the dress code, as well as the figure of a man, as white or beige suit can enhance the volume of the figure.

The fabric may be monochromatic, and have a stripe pattern or cells. However, make sure that the image was not too colorful and ryabil in his eyes, because he has to add elegance, not destroy it.

Trying suit, note how it sits. If the jacket too tight, bristling at the shoulders or, conversely, hanging from them, feel free to refuse to buy, because the suit should sit perfectly on you, but do not hesitate. Quality jacket lapels in the upper part firmly against your sides, and their lower part does not close the top button. Can only be a short jacket sport silhouettes, classic also has to cover the lower part of the back, otherwise you will visually look shorter. Sleeves when lowering hands down should cover the wrist and go up to the middle of the base of the hand, so that when bent, they were not short.

Trousers always choose to grow. During the fitting, try to pull the leg forward to the width of your pitch. If at this moment seemed sock - short pants. Buy pants with long "for growth" is not worth it, man will look untidy. Pants optimum length in the rear part of the foot up to the middle of the heel, the front cover and the upper edge of a shoe with an easy break above it.

If you decide to add an accessory, here is important moderation. It is desirable that the skin color of the belt matches the color of shoes and buckles color - the color of cufflinks and tie clip. In general, the accessories must be selected in the same price category.

And of course, if you do not like the dress, if you feel uncomfortable in it, it will be noticeable and others. Therefore it is better to spend more time, but to find the variant that will appeal to you, and your business partners will understand that you are a serious person and you can rely on.

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