How to choose a good mink coat

How to choose a good mink coat
 Mink - one of the most elegant and beautiful species of fur. Coats and capes are often used in evening dresses, emphasizing the beauty and fragility of the female figure. Mink fur coat even more attractive, it has long been a luxury item. Today such products on sale quite a lot, but very often you can find a low-quality fur or fake.
 Good skin is soft and silky, pleasant to the touch. He does not crumple, do not stick together, even has a thick undercoat.

Scrapings should be light in color, very soft and flexible. If it is dark, it indicates that old fur or bad dressing. Soft, thick membrane is likely to have a crack, this coat does not serve you for a long time.

To determine the quality of manufacturing can pinch burrow. If the fingers were a feather or hair, the fur is tanned without compliance technology. This coat is very quickly lose appearance.

To check the quality of the painting, you need to take a clean white handkerchief and gently hold them for undercoat. If it were traces of paint, then this coat color may cry tears after the first snow.

Fur surface must be perfectly smooth and free of nicks, no bald patches, uniform height at all locations.
You should definitely look at the lining. The seams have to be carried out smoothly and efficiently, no protruding threads or pieces of fur should not be.

Mink fur coat warm enough, it will warm you even in extreme cold. However, this does not mean that it will be difficult to walk. Good product is no pressure on the shoulders of their excessive weight.

Quality fur coats can not be bought in the market or in small shops. The really good items should be selected only in the elite fur salons, which are responsible for the quality of products sold, have a solid reputation and a wide range.

Every favorite coat should try at least 3 minutes, only this time you can fully feel the fur, used to cut and compare several different models, choose the one most suitable for you.

Once you have decided, do not rush to buy a fur coat immediately. It is better to return to the salon every other day to try it again and then make the final choice.

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