Creative jacket teddy bears

Creative jacket teddy bears
 Designers - people creative and original, it is the secret of their success. These qualities allow them to create masterpieces and surprise the public in every season. But sometimes their creativity goes beyond all conceivable limits. The world has only recently recovered from the "meat" dress Lady Gaga by Frank Fernandez, a young Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuris prepared a new surprise - the jacket of teddy bears. He named his creation is quite prosaic - Teddy Bear Jacket.  

As strange as it may sound, the jacket is really sewn from a plurality of hollow teddy bears, more precisely, out of thirty. Previously, designers have also used small toys as decoration items of clothing and footwear, especially for children and adolescents, but for the first time clothing was entirely made of plush toys.

However, those who are well aware of Sebastian Errazurisa almost not surprised his idea. Designer working in an experimental style. He always strives to give a second life to familiar things and turn them into a design novelty. And I must admit, it turned out!

New sparked hitherto unprecedented response from the public, with opinion divided dramatically. Someone was delighted with the originality of ideas, while others inquired in terror that made Sebastian Errazurisa so cruel to do with Teddy Bears. And these people can understand, because a child is a teddy bear was a loyal friend, that is what we clutched at bedtime strong arms, he dragged it for a walk, and shared with him all the joys and sorrows. And here he is again close, but now - as part of the jacket ... Someone who, as children of this news is not exactly like it.

First endorsed the idea of ​​designer animal welfare advocates. They argue that it is better to sew clothes from plush toys than leather and fur beings. Enjoyed this new ladies and infantile, adorable bows, golfiki and jewelry in the form of cartoon characters.

In terms of functionality, this jacket looks very good. Undoubtedly, it is very warm, soft and comfortable, because of the charming sewn teddy bears. But here wearing this jacket in everyday life is not possible. Firstly, it is difficult to combine with clothes. Secondly, it would look ridiculous in comparison with other, "normal" jackets.

At the moment to buy a jacket decided not to nobody, and therefore can not share their impressions. However, Errazuris did not count on povalny interest in Teddy Bear Jacket and released her small party. You can find it in stores and showrooms in New York. Time will tell the fate of this extraordinary news!

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