Basic care for the things of wool

Basic care for the things of wool
 Woollens retain heat well, so without them difficult to do in the winter when it's cold and blizzard. But if not properly maintained strands thinner, things appear on the surface of the pellet. All this can be avoided.  
 Wool refers to the delicate tissue types, so it is best to wash your hands on. Machine washable and is not prohibited, but in this case it is necessary to choose the mode that is best suited for a given material, for example, "wool" or "Delicate". Spin speed and can not put and remove excess moisture manually.

By choosing the most cautious approach powder. Previously advised to wash only with soap, but it has long been out of date. Now on sale you can find a huge range of special detergents for wool that will not only remove dirt well, but also prevent the formation of a pellet.

If you have the need to soak the product due to the presence of stains, pour into a deep bowl cold water, add the liquid powder and mix thoroughly. Only then immersed in a solution of woollens no more than 30 minutes. Do not use hot water - wool very sits down and falls.

When rinsing add conditioner to soften the rug. After place the product in a large towel and gently squeeze. Dried better in the unfolded form, such as a desk or on an ironing board. But it is also not forbidden neatly hang a sweater or a skirt on a hanger. Clothespins in any case can not be used.

Permanently dry things out of wool can be stroked iron, and if necessary to steam if there are creases. If there were places on things pellets, remove them with a special machine or simply comb the semi-rigid toothbrush. Cut them with scissors can not, because you can inadvertently damage the thread.

In the wardrobe, where you store woolens, be sure to lay the tablet from moths. When packaging products for long-term storage, place the drug directly into the case, to avoid damage to wool insects.

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