Win-win situation - a classic

Win-win situation - a classic
 Despite the emergence of fashion sequins, studs tall, skinny jeans, mini-skirts, classic style of dress still finds many of its adherents. Sophistication and elegance - that's what makes it timeless.
 The style of these ladies can be called classics. And the world's leading fashion designers agree. They create clothes in a classic style, not only for mature ladies, but also for young girls. Refinement of taste has not been canceled. Where it appears best, if not in adherence to the classical style? Of course, to be perfect, we must be able to find the fine line between classic and fashion from behind. What should be in the wardrobe of a true lady?

Dresses or suits in classic style. They are characterized by simple, clean lines cut, carefully fit the figure, the lack of spare parts, such as flounces, ruffles or frills. Elegance in simplicity-here motto classics.

Silk or satin blouse feminine cut. This is a classic addition to skirts or pants almost any style. Soft lines give additional materials femininity.

It is difficult to build a classic wardrobe without a skirt famous style - "pencil". Rigor silhouette, versatility (though the office, even though the theater), compatibility with blouses, knitted sweaters make this model truly "magic wand" for the ladies. And inflated waistline of this cut skirt gives the woman a touch of insecurity.

Classic cut trousers. No jeans, no leggings, namely pants. Straight or slightly flared bottom, plain or pinstripe, they are perfectly combined with silk blouses, short jackets and classic jacket.

Of course, the image of the lady is unthinkable without the cap. Not knitted hats or leather cap. A graceful feminine and elegant hats, which put an end to the image of a real aristocrat. No matter which model you choose hats - "Fedor", "hood" or "wheel".

Bright colors are uncommon cause for the image of this lady. Shades of neutral classic (black and white, shortbread and chocolate color) to pastel (caramel, beige, coral) - these colors inherent in women, whose wardrobe is designed in classic style.

Do not forget about accessories. Silk scarves, cashmere stoles, scarves soft complement the classic image and become striking element of your style.

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