What to wear to lose weight

What to wear to lose weight
 If you are a little better, it's time to start working on their appearance. Make the figure look slimmer and more attractive you can not only through diet and exercise sports. Results can be achieved by properly choosing clothes, combining different models, fabrics and colors.


The ideal option for owners of magnificent forms will dress with a trapezoid shape. Choose dresses of hard tissue, making sure that they are not fitting shape. Prints fit in fine pattern or vertical stripes.


Discard the direct and narrowed down trousers, better to choose a soft style wide cut, with the expansion starting from the knee. If you have extra folds in the stomach, do not buy pants with low waist.

Shirts and blouses

Emphasize on the chest to distract attention from other problem areas. To do this, choose a blouse with a V-neck. As for the office blouses, better to avoid large abundance of ruff and frills. Rigorous model tailor-emphasize the advantages and disadvantages to make invisible.

Owners of full hands-shirts should be chosen by three-quarters the length or use capes, which will hide the problem areas.


If you have full hips and stomach, should be preferred Piece Swimsuits made of elastic fabric that visually "utyanet" figure.


Fat women with beautiful legs can pay attention to the short coat to the knees. Free cut the top of the well-hide figure flaws, but at the same time, the lower part will be on view. Welcome coat in a trapezoid shape, flared towards the bottom. The length can be any: knee, just below and to the ankles.


Bright accessories always attract attention. To accessories hidden from prying eyes of your shortcomings, it is important to observe the correct proportions of jewelry. Remember, the bigger your figure, the larger must be decoration. Small earrings and necklaces will make you more visual, and just be invisible on the body.

Choice of color

Give a figure slender dark colors: all shades of blue, green, gray, burgundy, brown.
Use with caution colored fabrics - the wrong choice can only hurt her figure and visually expand.

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