Wedding dresses in vintage style

Wedding dresses in vintage style
 Showcases bridal salons every season show all that are able to fashion designers - to pick up the coveted dress for the bride is easy among such diversity. That's just not all the girls fall like modern fashion trends. A lover of antiquity makes sense to turn to vintage wedding dresses.
 Bridesmaid dress - it is no exaggeration, the quintessence of her femininity and style, in that case, of course, if a girl with due trepidation refers to the day of her wedding. Choose a dress of the proposed interior will not be difficult - there are options for every taste and budget, but some girls this is not enough. If the bride wants to bring her outfit with originality or soul hopelessly stuck in the past epochs, it will be the way out for a vintage wedding dress.

Only need to decide exactly what you want - just a vintage dress that is sewn thirty or more years ago, or dresses, stylized particular era. Of course, the old thing has a special charm, bears someone else's story, we can say even has its own soul. However, it is now a lot of vintage dress - at times, ten times more than the new. However, you can try to dig into my grandmother's trunk, at flea markets, explore the boards, but then the process of finding the right dress will take some time.

In addition, many believe that leaving one dress remarry in any case impossible - you sort of assume the fate of women - former owner of the dress.

Dress, made of modern materials, but stylized vintage, can look just as good. Often matter and accessories even artificially sostarivayut to achieve the desired effect. These vintage motifs present in many modern collections of wedding dresses.

Fashion every era has its own special features, not allowing to confuse it with any other, and in this regard including wedding fashion. And ask this fashion, as a rule, star of the bride. Actress, princess, rich heiress - those that are the focus of women around the world. Bride actively adopt at their idols all: at the beginning of the century - luxury along with many-loops, then - ascetic, geometric forms, short veils, hoods instead of a veil, long skirts, wedding dresses, etc.
Nothing prevents the bride and now turn to outfits stars of the past and try to recreate in their way, some elements of their dresses.

Do not forget that the little one dress - need the appropriate accessories such as gloves, veils, shoes, hair ornaments, brooches, jewelry, etc.

By the way, dress in vintage style, and usually involves an unusual wedding ceremony. Not only the groom outfit, but also images of guests and decoration of the banquet hall, and traditions must meet certain age. For example, why not arrange a wedding in the style of the early twentieth century - with nature walks, instead of the usual trips around the city, with treats for the recipes of the time? It's not easy to arrange, but this wedding certainly be remembered and the bride and groom and all the guests.

Do not let the modern fashion to keep themselves within certain limits, if you see yourself in a completely different manner. Wedding - a great way for a girl to show you what it really is, and that hides her inner world.

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