Wasp waist now available to everyone

 Fashion shot up waist up, and we are at a loss does not know how to wear it. One can not but rejoice - a new trend in a lot of advantages, and we owner "nemodelnyh" figures, now we can look perfect.

What jeans should sit low on the hips, in recent years it has become almost axiomatic. True, they are exposed for all to see our underwear and hanging zhirok at the waist. But we still fanatically bares abdomen and lower back - often disfiguring her even quite a decent figure.

But here's the surprise from the designers: waist returned to its rightful place, and even higher. Perhaps the first time in many seasons designers go to meet women with non-ideal parameters and style style, conceals flaws silhouette, and not to put them on display. Remember, as with high-waisted skirt turned "krupnopopuyu" heroine of the film "The Devil Wears Prada" in a stunning glamazonku?
But in this remarkable trend there are pitfalls. Let us learn new rules of the game with a fashionable way.

Choose your level

Depending on where thewaistlineIs transforming our entire figure. Couple of extra inches to the north - and the silhouette could be disproportionate. Therefore, trying on a new trend for the first time, meticulously examine himself in the mirror and choose the level that the winnings for you. Designers offer a lot of options: from 3 cm below the navel to pick almost below the breast.
The best option offered by designers wearing jeans as it did in the '70s - with a clear focus on the narrowest part of your waist. This visually lengthens the legs (especially when combined with shoes to match) and gives the figure fragility, elegance, sophistication. In this case, the top of desirable shortened and fitted, top - lush and layered. If you prefer a batch file, then get in the habit of fill.

Form and content

Many, however, high-waisted jeans always associated with those that now bears the mother or even grandmother. This is slightly deterred by the trend. But we must remember that in fashion - a very different silhouette, excluding baggy knee area and narrowed down the trousers (this is cut often prefer older women).
In favor clearly defined, sculptural line of the hips and waist. Belt becomes smooth and gipershirokim, sometimes mimicking Tightening corset. Such a cut is able to correct minor figure flaws, but is contraindicated in those whose curves too far from perfect.

Of course,Jeans with high waist look stunning on slender girl. But so good this trend that every girl can find a model for themselves. For example, if narrow trendy skinny jeans are too risky for you, choose a model with loose trousers, flaring - the main thing to waist was in place. This rule also works for business trousers and skirts. Such an option would create the effect of "the presence of the waist," even if in fact it is not very pronounced.

Pour the belt!

Wasp waist strap to pull the waist creates a very feminine look confident lady. Therefore, among all sorts of accessories this seasonbelts, straps and belts deserve special attention.
Wide, in the style of the 50s and 70s of patent leather can be used in any combination: combine with a sweater or jacket to wear paired with a skirt or slacks. Belts metallic shades - especially silver - perfect for a sweater dress dark color, which will also be in fashion this fall.
The optimum width of the belt - about five centimeters. This option will fit almost any figure. The higher the waist in jeans, trousers or skirt, the greater must be the belt of such a principle shared by most designers, ensuring visual harmony hips.

If you are likely to be overweight - Avoid too narrow belts.

If you are not tall - Try to strap one color group to the rest of the clothes or a thin strap with skinny jeans.

Heel - the trump card

Basically nothing has changed here. The higher the heel, the slender legs appear. But thin stud today clearly losing heel cylindrical or conical shape and the actual wedges.

Love Petrukhina

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