Vintage chic: how not to be considered "poor relation"

Vintage chic: how not to be considered "poor relation"
 Vintage style conquered the modern fashion. It would seem that in a retro image of a complex? Simply get out of the closet colorful outfit to wear glasses aviators, throw on a cardigan and shoulders image of a retro spirit is ready. However, in practice it is much more difficult, because the line between vintage chic, breathtaking, and likely to look as if you wore the clothes of his grandmother, is very thin.
 First we need to determine what kind of clothes can be called vintage. She is the only one that has been established for more than two decades ago. So "advanced age" is a necessary condition, but not the only one. Vintage thing also must keep fashionable trends of his era: a special cut, up to date at the time coloring and print.

Find similar things can be in specialized clothing boutiques, flea markets, or, at worst, in my grandmother's trunk. In addition to the genuine, there is a so-called pseudo or neovintazh - is clothing made from artificially aged fabrics worn effect. Externally, it is indistinguishable from the real retro clothing. Recognize the catch can sometimes only on a thread, which is sewn label.

Choosing a vintage clothes, do not depart from the key rules: dress only what you really are. The use of retro-elements in the image requires a perfect taste. Always consider the peculiarities of their own figures and according to them to choose the style of the bygone era, which in a favorable light emphasize all the advantages. If you are rewarded with feminine forms, the romantic dress is in the spirit of the 50s great veils curvy hips and accentuate the waist. If you have shapely legs, the mini-skirts and shorts in the spirit of the 70s will be very handy. Fashionable woman with fragile figure and rebellious temper to boot, suitable clothing in grunge style, which was popular at the dawn of the 90s.

There is another rule of wearing "clothes with history": dilute your vintage image of a modern piece of clothing, otherwise it will look in the eyes of most of this "poor cousin". Complete retro dress actual shoes or accessories. In this case, the selected item will be vintage effective addition that brings a fraction of coquetry and chic in the image.

Vintage chic implies a casual elegance in the image, it is so avoid too tight and shiny things. Try to choose in each epoch only the most successful and best.

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