Vasiliev. Clothing for love

 I think that love in the eyes of the people, not their clothes, so in love with the person can be in black and white and pink and blue - is in no way will affect the essence of his human. Anyone can be passionate, regardless of their means of livelihood, they are poor or rich, whether they have plenty of opportunities to change their clothes, or this is not possible. A man in love is always lit, smiling, enjoying life, it can be seen from the behavior, gait, motion, as far as he's ready for the next meeting, as he was waiting for this moment. I think this is most obvious in clothes. However, there are kinds of clothes which may be appealing to a greater or lesser degree, so there is also very important to know the border.

Note that all train-station courtesan, who flooded the streets of Russian cities, they are all dressed up for love! But their clothes - is the subject of vulgarity, it is always a bad taste, it's kitsch. What can be beautiful in jackboots lacquer in black or white, in a mini-shorts some indigestible shade bare stomach, small topic called bardotka on behalf of Brigitte Bardot, in some silicone breasts, lips gel, in some terrible haircut. It's awful, but perhaps men who are not versed in fashion and can not figure out who is in love, and who does not love, just on this and react. AndMany women enjoy this attractionThinking that loving relationships rather provoke such areal, slightly wacky clothes.

Generally, clothing for love can be closed completely, completely white or completely black - it is not important, important chemistry that occurs between people. However, stillsome colors contribute to this relationship, others a little alarming. For example, Marlene Dietrich wrote in his memoirs that a woman in red is always faster succeed in men. This is indeed the case, the reason for this kind of blindness of men who can not distinguish all colors, so red and it says - oh, she is! I spotted her immediately, though in black and one in red!

For example, the famous Valentino in their collections has always included a passage with a bright red tomato even dress that enjoyed great success. So we can say thatin red has a pledge of love. And of course, Elsa Schiaparelli, whose memoirs were published in Moscow recently with my preface, says thatit is the color of bright pink fuchsia seems to many color of loveTo which most men react.

But I personally think that the shades of green and blue can be beautifully lyrical, poetic and loving. And who can say that lace - this is not love itself? This subtlety, chiffon ... Why not Mariano Fortuny pleated Delphos, founder of the famous Venetian fashion, why not love it? I think there are very many individual: someone who likes the conductor on the train in her uniform jacket and believes that she - she love someone who loves the beauty on the beach in thong in gold sequins and pearls instead of two bra, someone says that love - it's his mom, because she is always kind, welcoming and wonderful hostess who will say that his best girl, because she in jeans and all so cool and groovy.

No recipes in order to be in love and fall in love with- Is a chemistry that works very hard. This is all you need to know is love - it is only here and now. If it happened to you in California, then when you move to Capri - forget! Other circumstances, other smells, other problems! This is a very subtle sense. Similarly, in the clothes -you should always think about what can please your lover or belovedThat can give them a smile, enthusiasm eye, these sparks, these stars in the sky. And of course, gifts, I think that love always requires good, nice gifts and evidence. If you want to be loved, show it's not just a bunch of forget-me, but something more beautiful - a string of pearls, scarf or handbag or even bigger diamond, if you want this girl to have a more serious relationship.

It should also be noted that in modern clothesdress - the most feminine and attractive of what we do. We see this not only on the podium, but in life. I'll tell you one recent case. I have around the house in Paris has a dry cleaner, where I give my things. Knowing that I am connected to the fashion world, the master asked: "Tell me what happened, why women are now only dress to the cleaners?" "A last season?" - I asked. "Skirts and blouses, pants and jackets." That is, the transition to this more feminine clothes in a global sense in the world, in my opinion, and there is evidence that women want to be more feminine and attractive!

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