Uncomfortable dresses - a privilege of the elite?

Uncomfortable dresses - a privilege of the elite?
 Clothing has always been one of the indicators of a person's status in society. Meet on clothes, as solid proverb. And the higher the status, the less a person is free to choose the wardrobe, as paradoxical as it may sound. Noblesse oblige. And compulsively commits to wear uncomfortable, sometimes very uncomfortable clothes. Yes, the rich also cry. First and foremost, this applies to the fairer sex.

Dresses that had to wear fashionable women in the Middle Ages and earlier times, were not just uncomfortable, but sometimes even ridiculous. Grotesque hats, more reminiscent of castles in the air. Enormously long sleeve floor-which just did slits for hands, long trains, mantle, which stretched for a fee. All this is compounded by expensive and very heavy ornaments, demonstrating the privileged position of their owner.

The material from which sewed dresses, was heavy. And many folds of the dress, collar and sleeves trimmed with furs, the ladies were not allowed to move normally. From this and has developed a certain style of gait: body slightly tilted back and front lady hands held back hem of her dress to make it easier to walk and not to step on the dress because it was too long.

In the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. In the era of knights' tournaments, ladies wore dresses in the color of the coat of arms of his knight or some sort. In fact, the dress could also be the coat of arms. But how would such a complex and uncomfortable dress does not come up, women were not allowed to sew dresses for more than two years. Knighthood gave them the right to sew four dresses a year.

Very much trouble ladies brought corsets Waist waist. This became especially prevalent in Spain during the Renaissance. With corsets ladies tied up myself waist up to 40 cm in girth, but at the same time causing great harm to their health. Corset not only squeezed and deformed internal organs, prevented breathe freely, squeezed ribs, but sometimes completely covers the air, because of what the ladies often lost consciousness. And to provide first aid, it is necessary to unlace the corset. Initially used for corsets wooden or metal bars. They are inserted into the padded layer of clothing. Wore corsets are not only women but also men.

XXI century nothing has changed with regard to clothing at high representatives of the elite. Today, there is also a kind of dress code for social events where easy to use, is at the bottom. Naturally, modern dresses differ significantly from the Middle Ages. At least the fact that they are made from lighter materials. But remain the same all the massive, heavy jewelry and the same infamous corset. And socialites, not sparing himself, choosing diamonds larger and tighter corsets tightened. And always will be. After all, in order to look beautiful, women are even ready to bear the pain.

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