These different white blouses

These different white blouses
 White blouse - irreplaceable thing. All well-known designers and stylists agree that this article of clothing every woman must have. And what else? After all, this classic model will never go out of style and will always relevant.

White blouse - one of those things that have been borrowed from the male wardrobe. She used to be a status symbol of rich people, and today it is able to emphasize the refined taste and sense of style.

Over time, a white blouse has undergone many changes, becoming more feminine, me again. To date, women have a huge selection of this remarkable things - from simple classic to the sweet and romantic.

Closet business woman is impossible to imagine without the classical form-fitting blouse with sleeves and sharp collar. This model complements any suit, suit and skirt, and pants. Despite its sleek appearance, it does not look boring. On the contrary, a woman in white blouse looks very tempting and at the same time restrained and elegant.

But today an elegant and austere white blouse can look completely different. This model without sleeves, straight silhouette and blouses, in form and detail reminiscent jacket.

And among young fashionistas found amateur white blouses. Especially because the current models can be combined not only with the classic skirts and trousers, but also with any clothing youth style. So, waisted blouse with puffed sleeves and bow tied at the neck, will appeal to the romantic special and fits perfectly into the ensemble in a Parisian style. Not less romantic looks light blouse with ruffles along the zipper.

Has not gone unnoticed designers and shirt that men traditionally wear a tuxedo. It has undergone some changes and evolved into a stylish blouse, which fashionista boldly combine with jeans and tight jeans, adding a set of vests, ties. Wide cuffs, which are characteristic piece of men's shirts, and vertical front pleats only emphasize femininity and look very stylish.

Vast popular blouses on a cut resembling peasant shirt: free silhouette, short button band or puffed sleeves gathered at the narrow cuffs. That kind of thing and are worn over trousers combined with natural fabrics or jeans.

These ladies are trying to have in her wardrobe a few different styles of this wonderful stuff.

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