Style wedding dress

Style wedding dress
 Undoubtedly, their wedding day every girl wants to look stunning - it's the most important holiday in her life. Pick the right dress style, emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages of hiding, should every self-respecting bride.

The most common style among wedding dress is a classic style that involves bodice, wide full skirt, veil and train. As a rule, this kind of dress embroidered with a variety of ribbons, bows and beads. Wedding dress this style will suit girls with beautiful breasts and wide hips effectively brighten. But, unfortunately, the classic style dress wear miniature brides contraindicated because visually reduces growth. Also dress unprofitable will look on the girls with small breasts.

Another, no less attractive style of wedding dresses is among the Empire style - or in other words it is called "imperial". Dress with a high waist fit many girls with non-ideal figure, profitable emphasize breasts hide wide hips and add a small increase in the female. This style can not afford a pregnant bride at the expense of gently falling folds of her dress. Wedding Dress Empire style visually lengthens the leg due to excessive waist. Usually this outfit embroidered with sequins, beads and lace, but the most beautiful ornament of a belt, passed under the chest.

For women with a perfect figure fit dress in the style of "The Little Mermaid" and "Steel Orchid" (Marlene Dietrich style). Oblique cut lines and narrows down the skirt from the knees emphasize the main advantages of a slim figure beautiful bride. Important accessory of this wedding dress is long gloves to the elbow. True, this style is not very forgiving of flaws in the female figure, as reveals the advantages and disadvantages. Suitable for both miniature and high girls.

Steel "Coquette" - an unusual and unconventional wedding dress to the knee sits elegantly on any type of female figure.

Style "Baroque" in a wedding dress looks very pompous and luxurious. This dress includes a huge number of taffeta and excessive decorations.

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