Popular style in clothes

Popular style in clothes
 Speaking about the folk style of dress, it is easy to imagine the traditional period costume, descended from the pages of history textbook, or stage outfits performers of folk songs. Of course, these garments would look very strange on the streets or in the office, but designers are happy to use ethnic style to create a unique and memorable way, skillfully diluting them with modern clothing.
 Ethnic (folk, folk) style can be found in different forms. Typical examples of the use of traditional elements in clothing are tunics, dresses and shirts kimono. They are not far removed from a cut of their "ancestors". On the basis of the sari are amazing dresses and skirts that emphasize the soft forms and tenderness women and obi belts give zest to any modern outfit.

A large open space for fantasy fashion designers bright national patterns and ornaments. They are often found on T-shirts, sundresses, skirts and blouses. Original prints, embroidery, beads, applique - all this can significantly enliven the image. Also do not forget about the shoes. Moccasins, clogs and Roman sandals, adapted to the modern style and way of life, long been loved by fashionistas.

In addition, the clothes in the folk style looks very organic and beautiful, it is still quite practical and convenient. Often used for tailoring its natural fabrics - wool, cotton, linen, silk. But, despite all the advantages of such orders, some folk elements should be used cautiously.

Thing in ethnic style in almost any outfit right is central to the whole image should be built around it. If you choose, for example, a T-shirt with a catchy ethnic prints, the other wardrobe items should sound muffled against its background. Abuse of "folk accents" can lead to the fact that you will look awkward and too loudly tasteless. The exceptions are things that hint at the traditional brim, but sewn from fabrics in pastel colors. They are universal.

Perfectly complement the clothes in the folk style jewelry and accessories made from natural materials. Wooden beads and earrings, handbags, stylized woven straw, wide-brimmed hats, leather laces and bracelets, light scarves and warm scarves with national ornaments can also subtly hint at ethnic roots.

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