Money in the hole! Buy a fur coat

Money in the hole! Buy a fur coat
 Fur mink used and enjoyed high demand from buyers. Mink coat almost are beyond the influence of fashion and sheepshead can last more than a decade. Of course, only if you have purchased a quality fur.
 Mink coat - very expensive. Therefore they are related to its purchase seriously. Specialty stores usually sell only certified fur of good quality. In addition, if after a while you find a coat of any latent defect, it will know where to go. If possible, purchase products from whole skins - they can always be redone, and they are longer than the coats of pieces or tails.

The bulk of mink from fur farms receive. Mink fur resilient, tight, short, but thick enough underfur, which gives warmth. Juicy and bright colors, lots of colors - its characteristic features. In recent years, bred silver, blue, white, platinum, black, light brown and pink mink. The leather skins of this animal has a high plasticity.

Wear fur product largely depends on the tanning of skins, from which it is sewn. Buying a fur coat, fur Blow - the skin should not be visible. Wet hand swipe in the direction of hair growth - if your palm were villi, so the fur comes out, that is, when tanning skins bulbs were damaged.

To consider the quality of the leather, remove the coat inside out and lift up the bottom edge of the pad. In qualitative products not sew the hem. Unpainted skin from the inside have a light cream color, pleasant smell (or does not smell), they are smooth, soft and supple to the touch. Signs of strong stretch and other obvious damage to them should not be. If the coat crunches, then scrapings retain moisture and can crack at any moment. Pay attention to the seams that are stitched together skin: they have thin and neat.

If you are already the owner of a mink coat in the season as often as possible "to walk" it. And to put the product in storage spacious linen cover and hang in the closet, to the fur was free to "breathe".

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