How to paint a sweater

How to paint a sweater
 Eventually, all things lose their appearance, fade, wipe them spots appear. The same can be said of a wool sweater. But good woolen sweaters quite expensive. In addition, they are soft and comfortable, and part with them is simply impossible.  
 To update an old sweater, it can be painted. For coloring use aniline dyes for yarn and natural dyes derived from a decoction of the leaves, fruit, bark and plants.

The most popular way - painting using aniline dyes. First of all, consult your dealer dyes, which it kind of is right for your sweaters. It is necessary to choose the right color paint, or close to it.

To get the number of the desired dye, weigh sweater dry. If you want to repaint the sweater in radically different color, bleach it in bleach "Persol". However, this may affect the quality of the product. Wool not like aggressive actions.

So, soak the sweater in warm water. Prepare the dye according to the instructions on the package. For more saturated colors slightly increase the dose of paint. Pour the dye into the bulk metal (enamel) dishes, lower back wet sweater and bring to a boil. Boil it on a very low heat, stirring and turning. After 20 minutes, remove the sweater from the solution, add the salt (50g by 2n), again lower the sweater into a container and boil for another 20 minutes.

Turn off the stove, wait until the cooling of the dye, remove the sweater, wring it out and rinse in cold water several times. In the last rinse, add vinegar to secure the paint. Press the thing through the towel, spread out on a flat surface and dry. From time to time turn the sweater.

For natural color dyes, they still must be prepared. To do this, grind the plant, boil it in water to form a soft broth, let it brew broth. Next, lower the sweater in the resulting liquid and boil it on low heat for at least an hour. Then leave to cool down, press, rinse and dry the above processes.

Black sweater you can paint using a conventional alcohol stains for wood. Before painting, thoroughly wash the sweater, rinse it. Then lay it on a table or other flat surface, wear rubber gloves, take a stain and a sponge. Thoroughly soak the thing on both sides. After 60-90 minutes, rinse sweater under running water, then wring out and put in a solution of vinegar (vinegar 200g per 10 liters of water). An hour later, rinse again, press and dry.

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