How to find your style of dress?

How to find your style of dress?
 It's no secret that exactly matched the style can be an indispensable tool not only in his personal life, but also in his career. Stylish man can organically combine the inner world and their appearance, to emphasize its advantages and disadvantages of using obscure clothing and accessories. Style - a certain image, based on a particular idea, and everything else contributes to this idea become a reality. But how to find your style of dress?

When choosing your own style of clothing is necessary to take into account their habits, tastes, desires and lifestyle.

If a girl likes active lifestyle, it is directly and does not like to be limited in anything, it will not look organic clothing for aristocratic or glamorous ladies. Between these words should "or" instead of "and". Glamour and aristocracy - these are two different concepts, although some fans of glamor trying to convince everyone that this is the aristocracy.

A young girl who feels the beauty and appreciate art, can not look harmoniously in a cowboy hat, shirt or torn jeans. Now in fashion circles is quite popular bohemian and vintage style clothing. Modern fashion allows any woman, regardless of age, to find the style of dress that fits her appearance and inner peace.

Imitating many famous personalities, women not only improve your appearance, but sometimes look very funny. For example, you can copy the style of Renata Litvinova, but become it will not succeed. You can dress up in her likeness, to say illiterate phrases or even harsh words, but you'll look just failed parody of celebrity.

Therefore, you should only once think about the issue of how to find your own style of dress, and then it will be interesting to experiment with your appearance. Make no mistake, that finding a suitable style for yourself, man becomes his hostage forever. Even in daily life you can play, use different images and look, look

Very exciting change daily look correct business woman on an evening view of the fatal beauty or frivolous coquette. This will change with the help of a kind of make-up and clothes. If deep down you still "business woman", such a change of style will require from you a lot of effort. But all this should be seen as a game that will help you to disconnect from the affairs and concerns.

So experiment, listening to their wishes and mood, and you are sure to find your style of dress for a certain period of life.

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