How to dress in classic style

How to dress in classic style
 The classic style of dress spread across Europe from England. For a long time it was called purism, after the English Puritanism. This style inherent maximum restraint and minimalism. Strict lines and practicality of classical style can create an unforgettable image. Its simplicity and elegance emphasize the figure of a woman, while he remains inconspicuous outfit.
 Fewer parts and more chic. These words can be characterized by the classical trend in fashion. The distinctive features of the classical style can be considered:
- High-quality, expensive fabric;
- Strict lines, simple cut, practicality;
- Soft colors;
- Lack of ruff, assemblies, flounces;
- The minimum number of accessories.

Classic style emphasizes the natural beauty and refined elegance of every woman. The main clothes of this style is considered to be a suit.

Jacket with symmetrical sides is a must for a classic image. The length of the jacket to be the upper third or mid-thigh. Buttons strictly matching the material of the jacket is sewn himself.

The kit jacket usually worn a skirt, ankle-length or knee-length. It should be done in a single design style with a jacket. A small incision may be back or side.

Often, instead of skirts women prefer to wear pants. It should be remembered that the classic pants usually straight, strict, sometimes tapering. The hallmark of classic trousers are arrows.

Blouses, turtlenecks without deep cuts without frills and ruff. Classic blouses always plain, preferably of the same shade as the whole costume, but a few shades lighter. If you put on a blouse in color suit, it should be different in texture fabric. In this case, no harm will be an elegant silk scarf.

In the wardrobe of women prefer the classic style, should be strict dress silhouette, closed or with a small cut. The length depends on the time of day. Afternoon - this dress is of medium length, pastel colors and a minimum of accessories. Evening dresses can be up to the ankle, usually black. The simplicity and austerity cut lines accentuate the elegance and naturalness.

Shoes - this is the most conservative element of the classic wardrobe. Usually it pumps on a small heel or without him. Color of shoes should match the tone of the whole suit. Allowed in the style of Chanel shoes - with contrast toe. Also not forbidden pumps with open heel.

Accessories should complement the image and not to overload it. In classic style is appropriate to use a small gold or silver jewelry. Permissible handbags regular geometric shape.

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