How to choose your style of dress?

How to choose your style of dress?
 Famous brands and newcomers designers provide a constant supply of a wide range of clothing for the modern market. Clothes and accessories is now possible to choose different quality, for every taste and budget level. But among this abundance of easy to get lost. And a large wardrobe does not mean the presence of his style. To develop his own style, use simple techniques.

When choosing clothes Repellent, primarily from its figures on its type appearance. Stand in front of a mirror, look closely at the figure. Determine what you need to stress (eg, beautiful neck, thin waist, smart hands), and what you want to hide (for example, angular knees or hips plump). Repellent also on its growth. For example, tall people should not pick up things for himself with a small figure, and low should not wear clothes that extends to the floor, as it will make them squat. In short, keep in mind that even if the figure is insignificant feature, inappropriate things can easily aggravate it.

Build your wardrobe in the main - basic - things. These things should be well combined with each other. And by the basic things are selected additional items, as well as a variety of accessories. In the wardrobe of the modern girl or woman should be jeans, pants that can be worn to the office, mid-length skirt, little black dress, turtlenecks, sweaters, T-shirts. But such "compulsory" things like the little black dress, also need to be selected, taking into account the features of the figure. Angular shoulders should not be cut to emphasize the "boat", and the lack of waist - tight elastic cloth. Too fat or too thin legs not demonstrated in tight jeans.

Having defined the style, that you go out and emphasize the advantages, go to the flowers. Correct colors add to the person who wears them, charm and impressive. Buying new clothes in the stores, do not hesitate to bring into the fitting on a style somewhat similar, but different in color T-shirts or dresses. Choose a shade that visually animates you. If you - blonde, avoid dull gray, beige or olive color. You decorate turquoise, red, blue, purple things. Brunettes, on the contrary, we should not be afraid of delicate pastel shades. If you have red hair, be careful with the choice of things too contrasting colors - green, fuchsia, and so on.

When choosing your style of clothing is necessary to take into account the lifestyle that you lead. Female students can choose things more youth style, experimenting with different directions - T-shirts and T-shirts with drawings of misbehavior, bright plastic accessories, sneakers with fun applications, etc.

If you work in an office, the main combinations of dress should be more classical. At the same time strict things can beat using belts interesting design, original earrings, elegant vests unusual textures.

Very free style of clothing is easier to stick to freelancers or so-called "creative workers". In this case, you can focus solely on their own perception of themselves, and not on how your appearance appreciate teachers or guidance. You can experiment with the shoes - for example, on a large platform clogs make the combination of "usual jeans + shirt" more original and daring. Mix elements such styles as a cowboy, grunge, disco, etc., provided that all things well sit on you and not "interrupt" each other in a single ensemble.

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