How to choose jeans on a figure

How to choose jeans on a figure
 Jeanswear come into our lives, it is not only comfortable and durable, but also very beautiful. Almost any of the fair sex has in her wardrobe at least one pair of jeans. They can go for a walk, to feel comfortable on the fashionable party and even go to the office. The main thing - to choose the right model.
 Owners of high growth can afford to almost all models of jeans, with the exception of short or narrow swept, as they make a figure disproportionately. You can select options with low waist jeans - flared, wide or straight leg.

Women of small stature should choose a model whose understated waist or legs tucked bottom. Not fit jeans also narrowed down from stretch fabric or elongated. It is better if the length of the legs will reach the top of the shoe. If you plan to wear them for shoes with a heel, you should take a model that covers half of the heel. This will visually increase the length of the legs.

Ladies with curvaceous best to opt for models of soft dark denim. In this case, well, if jeans are a little narrowed down or straight. Such an option would compensate for the cut figure flaws. Should not acquire too broad and loose jeans of light fabric or jeans flared, as they make a full figure more and shapeless.

Those who want to visually reduce the wide hips, you must choose jeans with large pockets on the buttocks, preferably in dark colors, with wide straight leg. In no case can not be narrowed down to select the model or jeans-bananas. You can try a model with a low waist, it is desirable to denim was sufficiently dense and well kept shape.

Women who have flat buttocks and thighs ill-defined, must look at the light flared shape model. Waist can be both high and low. In this case, the presence of undesirable creases on the jeans. This will compensate for the shortcomings of the figure. There are jeans that are cut in a special way so as to lift the buttocks and emphasize the waist.

If your near-perfect figure noticed a small tummy, better to choose a model with a high waist and shifted to the side zipper. This will help pull the outstanding form.

When you need to find an ill-defined waist jeans with a straight leg, and it is desirable that such models are tight-fitting shape.

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