How to choose a coat of mink

How to choose a coat of mink
 Many of the fair sex dream about winter mink coat, but it's not very easy to buy. And it is not so much in price as in the complexity of the choice of quality of fur for the winter.
 Mink coats became popular only when the fur of other animals began to sell at high prices.

The cost of this coat is big enough, so you need to immediately acquire a version of it that you will wear for a long time as possible. You need to know the criteria by which you will be able to select a quality product.

Mink have to sparkle in the light, it is a sign of its high quality. It is based on the villi of the small and the air moving between them, gives volume. Spend on fur hand and see how quickly it returns to its original position. Villi should be shiny, elastic and they will hold fast.

Be sure to check the reverse of the skin under the lining. If its inner side is soft, elastic, without any cracks if absolutely all seams are present, then you with a clear conscience can buy this coat. Beware of products that do not have the above symptoms, most likely, they taped elementary, and you long for a mink do not bring.

Choosing between a sheepskin coat and, best to stay on the first, because it is more versatile and comfortable, despite the fact that its value exceeds the price of sheepskin. Under the long hole you can wear anything you want, but under its shortened version of outfits will have to carefully choose.

There are several colors of mink coats, which in some way affect the price. The most expensive option is now black with blue (purple) sheen, which creates the effect of velvet. However, if you go for the desired product in the Spring sale, you can easily get it for much less money.

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