How to choose a blouse

How to choose a blouse
 Blouse - a unique item of clothing that makes a woman beautiful and fashionable. The richness of the range of the proposed models, fabrics and colors to help you choose the shirt to any outfit and figure.
 To create a business style business lady best fit blouse in white. Emphasize the classic jeans and a strict line skirt can be using bright colors or blouses with unusual prints. Flounces and bows in the neck make the image more gentle and romantic. Models with a wide collar and deep neckline ideally combined with a waistcoat and jacket. If the blouse is assumed as the main element of the evening or festive attire, then greater emphasis can use a variety of accessories and decorative finishes. Buttons and buttons on her blouse must have immaculate appearance, and if they do not really like you, they can always be replaced by others.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the figure should be to choose the right model, color and fabric blouses. Visually add low growth can be a girl using a blouse with a shawl collar or V-neck. If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, it is necessary to add the amount of symmetry in the upper body with the help of ruff, ruffles, patch pockets. We recommend selecting a puffed sleeves and necklines - round, square, in the form of boat.

With the figure of "inverted triangle", should be moved to the visual emphasis on the waist. Blouses with smell, deep V-neck with three-quarter sleeves will look harmonious and natural. You can shift the focus on the hips and waist using a belt in a contrasting color. But avoid fabrics with large prints and geometric figures.

If the hips, shoulders and waist are approximately equal volume, the model should be decorated blouse fabrics, have overestimated waist deep square, round or oval cutout. The sleeve is preferably three-quarters or long rolled up. The best will be an emphasis on the waist in the form of print, appliqué or thin belt.

With a slim waist and an equal volume of shoulders and hips can allow selection of shirts of any color and cut. The fitted model is advantageous to emphasize the shape accents in the right place. Owners rounded shapes and fuzzy waistline should detract from problem areas. In this model would be very appropriate blouses quiet tones without major drawings wide long sleeves, and circular recesses, V-shaped, a heart.

By choosing blouses approach carefully, taking into account the color, style and type of fabric, and then you can enjoy a long successful purchase, putting her on a walk in the office or on the celebration.

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