Grunge style in contemporary fashion

Grunge style in contemporary fashion
 The word «grunge» in the literal translation from the American Russian means "unattractive", and as of today, this word refers to the style in vogue, it is difficult to imagine how it is expressed in modern clothes. Style grunge - a protest holey tights stretched shapeless sweaters and worn shoes without laces against the glamor, glitz and glitter.

Grunge style is quite complex, since the combination of aggressive indifference to him with bright prints and rough elements of clothing not everyone will be able to properly and tastefully put in the desired way. The first designer presented his collection in grunge style was Marc Jacobs. His collection, coming out in the early 90s, made a splash in the fashion world.

To date, grunge is officially recognized throughout the world style. Fans of grunge - people who are fed up with neat shoes and ironed dzhinsiki or costumes. The main idea of ​​this style is the freedom from stereotypes and the rule of man's inner world of exquisite luxury. Grunge style clothing is very popular among young people, although it is not known for affordability.

Grunge vector has its own development and adapts dictated by trends of the fashion world, it is eclectic and effortlessly combines opposites. This style is inherent in natural colors from dark to bright colors and unusual prints, which today is very relevant.

Alexander McQueen collection, presented in the style of grunge brand McQ, a rich multi-layered skirts complex cut, feminine and at the same time outrageous dresses, bright tights and shoes on a high platform.

River Island brand or slightly inferior, but still different from McQ, also presents his collection in grunge style, focuses not on excessive pride, but on the immediacy and sensuality through the use of fine fabrics in clothing and tight tops with bare shoulders.

Youth brand Zara regularly to the collection in the style of grunge and focuses on textile jackets, ripped jeans, leather jackets and T-shirts with prints.

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