From what to wear shirt with jabot

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 Frill emerged as an element of men's clothing in the XVII century, emphasizing the luxury and elegance of the whole suit. Now the shirt with jabot are mostly women, who noticed that a light lace on the cuffs and collar can transform even the most strict office dress code.

Blouses and shirts with frills will always bring the image retro charm. However, combining them with raznostilevyh clothing can be achieved completely different results. Consisting of small flounces and lace jabot is intended to emphasize the elegance and femininity of the wearer. Shirts made of satin and silk are the romantic style of clothing. Supplement it will help skirts year, plain tight pants or tight sundresses. Szabo requires understated elegance, so the choice of colors is better to stay on the monochrome colors or pastel shades discreet. When choosing shoes should pay attention to traditional models. Graceful closed shoes will look more appropriate than sandals or ballet flats frivolous.

Shirt with lace jabot fits perfectly into the business style of dress and serves as an excellent substitute for a boring office shirts. It is equally well with form-fitting short jacket and straight jackets, softening the strictest a dress pair. In conjunction with the breeches blouse with frill give the image of sensuality and sexuality. Set with frill can make pencil skirt, tight leggings or even shorts with high waist and knee-length. Thus it is better to use the suit fabrics restrained colors to the image turned out a bold, but not vulgar.

Collar with frill - a self-contained vivid detail, which is by far the dominant image and creates extra volume. In a couple of shirts and blouses should pick up tight, tightly fitting to figure things. Important is the choice of accessories, of whom better to exclude products from plastic, colored glass, decorated with sequins, beads or feathers. Better to choose a slightly old-fashioned accessories: hollow bracelets, rings with large stones. Do not wear necklaces or long earrings. Szabo will draw attention to the face, neck, décolleté, so additional decorations in this area will seem superfluous and reload image. The only exception would be a cameo brooch: in conjunction with the collar jabot she will turn any woman into a real aristocrat.

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