Evening dresses for fat women

Evening dresses for fat women
 Fat women look great if properly choose their clothes. The problems start when they try to follow the fashion for "hudyshek" - especially when the figures are converted into disadvantages. But when the clothes, including evening dresses, selected according to the figures, the total woman looks just gorgeous.

Plump figure was considered a disadvantage only in the XX century, when the designers loved to show the clothes on slim models that to maintain weight has to be carried is not a natural way of life. Most women have a figure that is far from ideal simulation "chips." The so-called imperfections - especially your figure, which can give you a charm in the eyes of others. For example, full hips are not a disadvantage, according to many men, although the ladies and try to get rid of all the forces roundness.

Recommendations regarding the selection of dresses for larger women are reduced to the following rules: to hide flaws and highlight the merits. Cut options on how to make it - trapezoidal, otherwise known as the A-shaped. Long elegant dresses visually stretched shape, giving it a majesty and elegance. Your dignity, most likely it is a magnificent bust, so the neck just for you. Deep cut or open the chest specifically designed to emphasize your benefits.

One tricky technique that allows you to hide the stomach and hips at the same time highlights the chest - it overestimated waist. Feminine and light, a dress, besides, very comfortable. It gently hugs the figure, flowing, creating a romantic image. You can use a belt, tying him from behind. You can afford a large enough decorations to dress, such as bows, flounces and brooches, with their help, you can also shift the emphasis.

What you should not do is to choose a dress with lots of small details: ryushechek, ribbons, laces. Pattern of the fabric, if you use it, too, is better to choose the larger. The colors that slim figure and are ideal for many ladies complete, this blue, purple, emerald green, brown, black and purple. It is better not to wear white, light yellow, cream dress, in general, try to avoid bright colors. Although the final choice of color determines the style of it, and this color usually only works in the general case.

If you have heavy shoulders and hands full, flared sleeves use. They visually make the hands more subtle. It is not necessary to bare too broad shoulders and draping add on top of the dress. It is better to cover them stole from light and flowing fabric. In general, all kinds of flared and flowing styles and details - for you.

Fat women majestic look in dresses that are tastefully matched. Do not hesitate to prefer the best and feel like a queen.

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