Color wedding dress: classic or extravagance?

Color wedding dress: classic or extravagance?
 Every girl, no matter how modern and confident she was, dreams at least once in your life feel like a princess. This option appears during the wedding ceremony, and the correct choice of wedding dress depends very much.
 The vast majority of brides opted for traditional white wedding dress. After all, this outfit has long been considered a symbol of chastity and purity of the bride. For many years, is considered a classic white dress wedding apparel and often his only option. Of course, the bride in an elegant white dress stands out among its guests, but in the building of the Civil Registry and festivals in places such dress newlyweds simply merge with other brides dresses. Wedding - an event that is remembered for a lifetime, and the girls want to be in this day and beautiful and compelling. Every bride deep down wants everyone admired her wedding attire, even the other guests of the wedding.

Colored wedding dresses tend to choose a bride who want to get away from the boring classics and become bright, memorable "spot" on the background of the rest of the wedding whiteness. Most often, colored wedding dresses are presented in such delicate, pale shades like beige, light blue, champagne, pistachio, milk. Thanks to these tones, you can create your own unique way, not like the other brides, but retain the ease and romance.

Bolder brides opt for wedding dresses in bright colors, although this trend has not yet received the mass distribution in our country. For example, in Asia, a bright red dress bride promises newlyweds happiness, but in Europe and the CIS is selected only the most extravagant bride and groom.

If you are not willing to change traditions and choose a wedding dress, bright, causing the color, we can find a kind of compromise and choose a white dress with inserts and ornaments of other colors. You can play on contrasts and complement the traditional white dress colored elements: belt, lace, accessories, beads, embroidery. This dress will acquire uniqueness, and thus will not look too provocatively.

When choosing a dress should also bear in mind what style will be the wedding itself. If you plan a celebration in a traditional, formal style, overly bright attire of the bride will look, at least inappropriate. You also need to take care of that your chosen dress in harmony with the groom's suit.

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