Choosing a blouse on a figure

Choosing a blouse on a figure
 With all the richness of choice - there is no alternative! Just so you can say about the essential things a woman's wardrobe - blouse. It is so versatile that it can be, as they say, "and in the feast, and in the world." And at work, and the party, and theater, and a walk with friends. It can be combined with a skirt, trousers, jackets. None of the parts of women's clothing does not give us much of variations for creativity. But, as we are assured stylists, each figure - his own blouse. It correctly selected blouse profitable emphasize your femininity.

First we need to understand what kind of your figure. This is the most basic and indispensable rule in the selection of blouses. Only with this in mind the dignity of the figures will be available, and of the shortcomings will be over. For owners of lush breasts, for example, a suitable style. For thin women or girls athletic - other. But, fortunately, with the current diversity of styles, textures and colors of fabric for each of us to find a suitable beautiful blouse.

When a trapezoidal shape when the shoulders and waist narrow hips wider. Do not wear bright flashy colors. Remember that free cut blouses or as they say, "razletayki" only "weighted" your hips. Therefore, the owners of the figures of this type is better to give preference to short-cut blouses bright and quiet tones. If you wish, you can use the pads, they will help to make the figure more proportional.

If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips at the same time, avoid fabrics with a large figure, the use of shoulder pads contraindicated, adorns the top blouses brooches, lush flowers or bows. It is better to focus on the bottom of the blouse, using decorative items at waist level.

Your figure resembles a rectangle? Yes, if your shoulders and hips are the same, but there is no waist. You can use a blouse with a smell that is very popular. Welcome overestimated waist, deep cut round, square or oval. Profitable emphasize figure blouse, where the top and bottom of the contrast in color. Remember that light flowing material, free cutting not fit your figure. You'd better wear a blouse made of thick fabric. Using these simple techniques, you will visually reduce the waist, that will certainly play a plus to your appearance.

Girls with rounded shapes often can not boast of a slim waist. Such a figure shaped like an apple. Do not use tight-fitting silhouettes, they only accentuate your tummy. The most profitable will look blouses, expanding on a style from the chest. Leave alone the deep recesses of you too aktsentiruete attention to the absence of the waist. Forget flashy colors, you are more suitable warm shades. Note the vertical strip that visually beneficial pull the figure and give it harmony.

Finally, the figure of the "hourglass". That's really who just got lucky. You fit any blouses, different styles and colors. Win-win situation - the emphasis on the waist and slim silhouette.

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